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Men's Auxiliary
Men's Auxiliary installing new flag pole

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2014-2015 Officers

President- Ed Giovenco
Sr. Vice- Greg Davis
Jr. Vice- Jimmy Wright
Treasurer- Larry Bray
 #1 Karl Ginder
 #2 Charlie Jolley
 #3 Terry Kirwan
Chaplain- Dewayne Roberts
Secretary-John Stafford
Guard- Chris Withers

What is the Men's Auxiliary?

The Men's Auxiliary is an extension of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the Unites States membership. Over the years many men who are related to Veterans have been denied the opportunity to assist the VFW directly since they themselves are not eligible. Recently, a decision has been made that allows each VFW Post to form a Men's Auxiliary to extend the opportunity to get involved to male family members of Veterans. This decision is very much the same way that the VFW Ladies' Auxiliary was formed in 1914 to support their Soldiers going to or returning from war. Modern warfare no longer excludes women from combat roles, and in light of this, we felt it was fair to grant men the same important opportunity. Like the Ladies' Auxiliary, the Men's Auxiliary functions as it's own organization! The Auxiliary holds it's own Organizational Charter, and is free to assist the Post based upon the wishes of it's members. We are separate entities, working together to support the important missions of the VFW.

Who is Eligible?

Membership in the Men's Auxiliary shall include husbands, widowers, fathers, grandfathers, sons, grandsons, brothers and half brothers of persons who were/are eligible for membership in the VFW (regardless of membership status). Members must be at least 16 yrs old, and not eligible for membership in the VFW themselves.

What's the Auxiliary's Purpose?

The purpose of the Men's Auxiliary is to assist the VFW Post with it's mission of providing assistance to Veterans and their families, and supporting the local community through volunteer programs. We accomplish this through fund-raising and volunteer work. The Auxiliary gives men who would like to support this mission the opportunity to get directly involved. The VFW mission statement is "To honor the dead by helping the living"

How do I Join?

To join the VFW Men's Auxiliary, you will need information about your sponsoring Veteran showing proof of eligibility. This could be a form called 'DD-214' that all Service Members have. These are sometimes hard to find, especially is the Service Member is deceased. Because of that, if you think you are eligible, we invite you to contact us and we will assist you in finding out. Any information you can provide will be helpful.
You will then complete an application form which can be obtained at the Post.
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